Structures, Mechanics, and Materials

Admission Requirements | MS & PhD Requirements

The M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Structures, Mechanics, and Materials (SMM) are designed for those students interested in developing specialized knowledge and skills in the mechanics of solids and structures that can be applied to both Civil Infrastructure Systems (CIS) and other fields as well. The SMM research focus and graduate curriculum are geared toward developing appropriate methodologies for effectively tackling complex and broad issues related to Civil Infrastructure Systems (CIS), and also, to educate engineers to implement the developed methodologies in actual practice. Frequently, the technologies developed in our program can be applied not only to CIS issues but also in other fields such as biomechanics/biomedicine, the automotive, earth moving and aerospace industries, new materials development, and microelectronics.

The Ph.D. degree typically takes from three to five academic years to complete, and prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in academic institutions, research organizations, and advanced applications in various industries. At least fifty-four (54) course credit hours are required for the Ph.D. degree, of which up to twenty-four (24) can possibly be transferred in from a preceding M.S. program. Of the fifty-four (54) course credit hours, twenty-one (21) must come from the COURSE POOL A below and the remaining course credit hours must come from COURSE POOL B below. In consultation with the academic advisor, graduate level courses from other departments, such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, and others can be taken.